Oil&Gas IoT & AI on AWS

    Ronsys Tech's Oil&Gas IoT & AI implementation on AWS The business of extracting and transporting oil and gas is filled with challenges. To stay competitive, companies in this industry must continually strive to produce crude oil and refined products at a lower cost. They are also constantly looking to enhance and extend the value of their existing assets while also searching for new oil and gas reserves. And environmental standards are becoming increasingly stringent, requiring transparency in operations and tighter controls on production and distribution. To overcome these challenges, oil and gas companies worldwide are thinking creatively once again. Keep in mind that challenges like these aren't necessarily new to the oil and gas industry. For the past few decades, there's been a huge incentive to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime, which has led to the implementation of things like predictive analytics, IoT and machine learning. R

AI & Parking Management

Number Plate Recognition & Access Control Our Number plate recognition system enables the capability for the businesses to track the vehicles on their premises. Integrated with the access control system, this image recognition system controls the entry & exit of vehicles. In the raging number of vehicles daily it is almost impossible to recognize and track a vehicle. It’s even more problematic if we run a parking lot business and to keep track of every single vehicle that comes in and goes out. Our object recognition system enables to record and calculate the capacity of the lot. This number plate decoding is done by Image processing system and Deep learning technologies. If a system can read an image in the number plate and decode it digitally then processing is a piece of cake. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System for Vehicle Identification Using Optical Character Recognition. Number plate recognition is an image processing technology which uses nu

Image Recognition

Image Processing & Object Detection solutions Face Recognition System The Face Recognition technology and its uses are vast and businesses around the world are already reaping the benefits. The usage of face recognition models is only going to increase in the next few years. There is a well-designed algorithm and pattern here – different faces have different dimensions. Similar faces have similar dimensions. Our face recognition technology is capable of reading Human face patterns in any given versatile forms. The system could identify the registered faces and able to process it. This advanced image processing system helps in so many ways . Be it in a business environment or society services this platform enables the opportunity to track and locate the position of the people and most importantly we are able to identify who is where? The patterns are already registered in a database pool from that the system could fetch and match the patterns in the pool to gi